If The Clemson Tigers Were a Russian Team (reblog)


What do you think? Would they have been served Big Macs? Or would the best chefs from Trump’s hotel create culinary masterpieces, maybe even paid for by Trump or certainly a back channel oligarch buddy, to make sure the team felt appreciated for their success? All-American champions apparently don’t Make America Great Again during a government shutdown. Wonder if leftovers went to the homeless or Trump’s bedroom?

And did you hear the one about the T-Mobile executives who needed Trump’s approval for their mega-merger with Sprint? They booked rooms at the Trump International Hotel at least 10 times over months. Merger approved.

Evidently, domestic public policy can Make America Great Again as long as the business is conducted in the swamp. Apparently, the Trump International Hotel IS the swamp.

Seriously. Why is there still a fake border crisis instigated by GOP-terrorists? You know, the ones who left Washington, DC last weekend with their $10,000 raises. And how is Trump’s 2020 campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again by Selling Out to Putin” taking hold?

Despite the remarkable Trump base and spineless Republican Senators who are so shamelessly hypocritical that they stand in front of cameras and contradict themselves in record time, there are millions of us–a majority–who are so sick of this constitutional massacre that we’re legitimately losing it, like incorrectly publishing blog posts countless times before trying to get our point across.

This is exhausting. Our president is a Russian operative. So was (maybe still is) most of his staff and cabinet. Can we PLEASE do something about this other than talk about waiting for Mueller’s report? (Although, thank goodness for that man. Agnostics are hoping he’s the savior.)

Can you imagine a corporate exec operating the way Trump is and not losing his or her multi-million-dollar job after two weeks? A CEO disapproving every move the CFO makes, a CMO constantly criticizing its Super Bowl ad campaign, salespeople endlessly complaining about the product and keeping their jobs? For years???

And that’s “just” questioning moral character. Trump keeps breaking the law. He’s already an unindicted co-conspirator in campaign finance crimes. He regularly abuses his power to hurt not help the country he swore to serve, meets with enemies of our state and destroys evidence of treasonous conversations. (OK, if they’re not, why quash them?) And his Tweets…I can’t.

Are we really constrained by impeachment or having to wait for him to finish his term before most people in the United States can turn on the TV and not panic when Breaking News streams across our screens? (Yes, I realize this is far from the worst outcome of his behavior, but I think PTSD may be challenging my thought process.) Can’t we do something substantive sooner rather than later?

Exactly what is a clear and present danger? Why does the 25th Amendment exist? Can we all agree that it is time to legislate against a political party represented by dinosaurs? And can’t we enact some law that hold sycophants legally responsible for the carnage they create when they act like doormats versus public servants

Get Roman & Restore


Boys – your wimp is showing. That you’re embarrassed about telling your doctor about erectile dysfunction AND being bald not only messes up your life, but any surgical procedure to fix it scares you are oh-so-telling notions about your manhood.

I don’t know whether to laugh out loud or cry when I see these ads constantly being run on cable and commercial TV.

Maybe get some, guys.

I’m trying to think of the female comparables:  The Surrogate Solution!

Why go through nine months of exhaustion, vomiting, cramping, constipation, moodiness? Let a surrogate go through it. Why suffer? Men don’t.


Is your hair thinning? OMG! Wigs, extensions, shampoos promising regrowth are some options, but should you go the temporary route since losing your hair makes life nearly unbearable? And surgery? I hear the pain is just…beyond.

Suffer no more. Change your life forever. Make everything better by trying Regrow. Life worth living again because a full head of hair helps makes life meaningful.

Yeah, guys. It’s time to man up or move over, especially if these are problems worth spending thousands of advertising dollars to correct. Get a grip.

“No” Never Had So Much Power (reblog)



January 8, 2019

by Jan Stone

It’s a bittersweet moment for this baby-boomer who worked hard to build a legitimate career with an equitable paycheck in the 1980s.

Thrilled Nancy Pelosi is running the 116th. Elated at the number of reps of different ethnicities and sexes populating the halls of government, closer to representing our country…finally.

Saddened that Trump is going to be given media time tonight to disseminate lies and publicly display the sorry state of his mental health.

The most distressing part of all this is how some progress has devolved.

Why do the less-government folk still want to legislate my uterus? If you can’t trust me with a decision, how can you trust me with a baby? Don’t want to pay for my birth control, quit paying for McConnell’s ED meds.

The gratifying part: my daughters are improving lives today despite an era where many things we fought for 30-something years ago appear to be negotiable again. School days still start at 9 and end at 3, and have you checked out the cost of after-school care?

Nonetheless, our millennial daughters continue fighting the same inane issues we faced while, by the way, accomplishing in one afternoon things some members of government won’t complete in their lifetimes.

Is there no timetable on evolution?

The notion that a woman is of less value than a white man has got to stop.

As I prepare to listen to POTUS present a made-up crisis, here are the real issues he is clueless about, the ones that desperately need our attention because they are archaic, irrelevant and counter-productive.

My oldest daughter was born in 1984, and I went back to work in 1985 after receiving an offer I couldn’t refuse.

My first anxiety: “Will she hate me?” “How else am I going to earn this amount of money legally?“ And the sadly relevant, “How long can I stay out of the workforce and remain viable because I am a woman of a certain age?”

Leave it to a leading public relations agency to mount an effective public relations campaign to bring me on board, stirring my anxiety and confidence while assuring me my decision is best for everyone.

Maybe they were right. Just the other day Arianna Huffington published a study revealing how women in 24 countries growing up with working mothers are more likely to work, hold supervisory positions and even earn higher salaries than women whose mothers stay home full-time. Still, my decision felt no more justifiable.

Then there’s finding a qualified caregiver to stand in for you for the longest part of the day, which is financially, emotionally and physiologically PTSD-inducing.

You have to earn enough to make the expense worthwhile, and you realize whoever you choose deserves more than you’ll ever make. Still, someone you trust will agree for a ridiculously low amount of money compared to the minute-by-minute 40+ hours per week commitment they make, fueling your now bottomless ocean of guilt.

At the same time, there’s the struggle of not totally resenting your daycare provider as she shares with unbridled pleasure most of your daughter’s firsts. It’s not even just firsts. It’s every enthralling moment you’re not there. Seeing and hearing about the perfectly drawn ice cream cone with the little brown crayon mark drawn out of the lines because the ice cream’s melting. At 13 months old.

Next, there’s no physical, emotional, social, psychic, hormonal – any scientific-based appreciation – that prepares a mom to leave her baby and feel okay about it, even if she knows her daughter is in great hands.

The concept of sleep or even a nano-second of serenity ceases to exist. Supplanted by events like excessively over-preparing to present million-dollar new business proposals to a conference room filled with men and knowing you have to spend an equal amount of superfluous time focusing on wardrobe.

In the meantime, male colleagues organize weekly college basketball pools and up their attention in March – bracket madness as proof men are of a different species. But, be half an hour late from taking your daughter to the doctor and eyerolls and whispers are legit.

2020 is the 100th year anniversary of women’s right to vote. And that power has never felt so significant. Nancy Pelosi simply saying “no” to a wall may have triggered tonight’s spectacle, but I feel like it’s packing a punch our country will feel for the next 100 years.

That a successful, intelligent, savvy public servant can calmly create such a stir with one word creates an optimism I haven’t felt in the endless two years we’ve been patronized by an old white man’s government led by a treasonous, fraudulent man-child.

It’s not about the border. It’s about the smart, subtle and dignified way the Speaker of the House is bringing Putin’s president down. She’s showing us it’s not male/female, black/white/blue/brown/orange, Christian/Catholic/Jewish/Muslim – it’s about simple humanity and the once proud designation of being from the United States, where anything is possible.

Good luck boys. There are a bunch of us who have been gunning for some of you for decades because you have relentlessly judged us on a standard that most of you can’t come near achieving. It’s not about the border. It’s about a contrived pecking order that’s never been relevant.

Good Reporting May Have Saved Tax Payers $92M


Thanks Chris Kite for pointing this out!


Earlier today, CNBC revealed that Republican President Donald Trump’s military parade was going to cost as much as $92M. This is roughly nine times the original estimated cost.

It made the rounds on most media outlets and, of course, many people were outraged about the needless waste of taxpayer money to entertain the President. Later in the day, it was reported that the parade has been canceled, or at least postponed.

This is what good journalism does. This is why a free and independent press is vital to the proper functioning of our nation. This is why it is important to speak truth to power.

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A US Congress Spineless AF…



According to one of the Washington Post headline’s yesterday: Democrats all but acknowledge Kavanaugh is headed toward confirmation to Supreme Court.

Just a few reminders of why this is enraging:

  • Roe v Wade
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Kavanaugh’s own false testimony, documents apparently too difficult to make public in time for confirmation hearings
  • Ubiquitous white supremacy

Shame on all our elected officials who concede to this nominee, especially Collins (R), Murkowski (R) and Heitkamp (D). Maine, Alaska and New Hampshire residents, if you have a modicum of conscience, and if your senators votes for Kavanaugh, vote them out.

The few undeclared Republicans and Democrats have indicated they are open to voting for the judge, whose Senate confirmation hearings will get underway the first week in September.

…Forty-nine of the 51 Republican senators have expressed their full support or likely backing, shifting the focus to two GOP swing votes — Collins and…

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Who are you?


Who is a Trump supporter?


Who besides the 1% are such elitists? SERIOUSLY? Setting aside the morally bereft acceptance of Trump separating refugee babies from moms (A. Very. Generous. Concession), now Trump supporters agree those with US visas and green cards who have ever relied on government support — from the Affordable Care Act and Medicare to food stamps and disability — must have their visas/green cards revoked?!

Demographics say primarily white men without college degrees still stand proudly behind Trump and this policy. REALLY? None of you have ever collected unemployment? Filed for bankruptcy? Requested medical disability because of illness or accident?

Check out these facts culled from a series of surveys conducted by one of the U.S.’s most respected public opinion research centers, PEW, which leave us with a clear picture of the Trump demographic.

They are primarily white, older men with low levels of education and income. They believe that immigrants and…

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