Not Scary Enough?????


Enough already!


Now we have to be careful kids aren’t in earshot of the national news because of our president’s crude language. Not to mention his racism, bigotry and misogyny. Or Russia…..

Really, none of this is normal! It’s time to do everything in our power to get the current president out of office. Most of the evolved population wouldn’t let our kids, spouses, friends and colleagues throw the obscene shade Trump does. His latest bul**it’s so incredulous that it’s trumped the nuclear war he’s inciting with North Korea. And that’s only two of the HUGE problems his preposterous presidency has created. Trump taxes, rescinding DACA….


Here’s one link: –Impeach Trump. 

Google or look on Twitter for others because we’re all getting way too numb to the corruption occurring in our White House. Offshore drilling, anyone? Who needs the EPA?


Finally, to Fox News consumers, you might be…

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Wait. What? Puerto Rico is part of the US?



I’m not good in math or science or geography. I admit what I don’t know. But, I do know Puerto Rico is part of the United States. The question is: who convinced Trump and when did the administration figure out Trump had no flipping idea that it is a US territory.

It had to be recent. For two weeks, Puerto Ricans have suffered while those in Texas and Florida got government responses immediately. Hmmm. What’s the difference?

  1. The citizens are brown and the government owes a lot of money. Is that an acceptable excuse for Trump and his disciples? Those who didn’t have the random great luck of being born white in the United States suffer mightily under this megalomaniac.
  2. He already traveled to Texas and Florida. Who’s going to handle White House business like, um, the firing of the HHS Secretary for using millions of taxpayer dollars to fly…

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Happy July 4!?


Oops. Got busy yesterday!


I’ve always appreciated this holiday — I’m a baby boomer and grew up in a neighborhood of men who did outrageously brave things like storm Normandy, survive the Battle of the Bulge and cross the Pacific for their country. Not that they talked about it, but the mom’s did.

On every 4th, we had parades and parties, and it was clear every adult was grateful to be there—in one piece, with a new family, a job, a huge Chevy. People were happy and proud with good reason.

Decked in red, white and blue celebrating a 4th where we were all proud.

Fast forward 50 years.

Today’s New York Times headline is, “North Korea says it successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. Experts say it could be capable of hitting Alaska.” The word “expert” is particularly bothersome. I believe the New York Times.

In the meantime, the man elected POTUS…

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I didn’t understand why Donald Trump isn’t being called a traitor and charged so. Then everyone far smarter than me reminded me it’s the Republican party in agreement. And many add it’s Obama who would probably have long been in jail.

Sounds like the GOP is growing more of a conscience over time, so who knows, maybe Trump will end up in handcuffs one day. It will break Twitter.

America IS already great, DT. But you and your cronies are destroying it for the majority who don’t want to be associated with such ignorance and shamelessness. Remember the popular vote number?

No one can ever explain to me why the GOP is such wusses. Yet another reason I’d never vote to make their America Great. It’s becoming arrogant, embarrassing, crass. Like its leader. 180 degrees from the lies he spewed while campaigning. And that’s not problem enough?

It’ll be interesting…

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IL Gov. Rauner’s Ads?



He claims they have nothing to do with the 2018 primary — one year from now. As if it’s not off-putting enough to see the Governor in a plaid shirt presumably in his garage in endless ads that I’d love to be collecting the cost to run.

Announced in the news lately is that IL would be the first state ever downgraded to junk bond status. But he says not to worry. He’s intent on decreasing taxes and increasing jobs. And lowering property taxes. How do you do that? Wonder how many companies want to make home base in a junk bond state. How many will get great tax incentives? I’ll bet plenty. But not to worry he’s going to decrease property taxes, remember?

“No more duct tape,” he claims. He’s going to reform our fiscal policies and our schools. I think his mission is to throw out the Chicago…

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This Thanksgiving Reminder: We Reap What We Sow


The time may have come where we should face the reality of our history.

I’ve done lots of reading lately since I cannot stomach the news. I began revisiting my dog-eared copy of Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, a classic bestseller infamously fought against allowing in the classroom because it’s researched and written from the bottom up. It’s POV and story is from the words of American’s women, factory workers, Native American’s, the working poor, immigrant laborers, etc.

In other words, it’s not our history as recalled by white men in suits.

And it’s a reminder that this country began ugly. What our original settlers did to Native Americans was atrocious. And it remains barbaric. When you build something on rot, lies and savagery, when everyone from Columbus to the Puritans committed genocide under the term of “progress,” you have to ask why we would expect those in power now to be any different? Even the Cubs winning the World Series can’t offset the angst of knowing enough US citizens justified electing a misogynistic, racist, tax-dodging sexist pig as president of our country. It actually makes me wonder how so much positive and humanitarian work actually gets accomplished. But having just “celebrated” Columbus Day and Thanksgiving upon us makes me think it’s time to end these myths.

Let’s start in grammar school classrooms. The truth should be taught, and maybe then our children will begin to understand how important it is to respect others’ resources and people who originate from another country. Maybe they will learn to find ways to live and work together sincerely.

Until then….you perpetuate a myth long enough and it should be no surprise that you elect a reality TV president. This isn’t the White Republican Man’s country in any other way than through coercion. The time has come to stop pretending it is. When you build something on a rotten foundation, you cannot make things right until you fix the foundation.

In 1877 an informal Arizona army surrounded and attacked a peaceful Apache camp, killing and mutilating 144 harmless Apaches, capturing 29 of their children and selling them into slavery in Mexico. Just because. That nugget from The Children of the Camp Grant Massacre is from, a site providing daily short excerpts of noteworthy non-fiction content relevant to what’s happening in the world today. We did that in 1877. How many kids know about this before we sit down to celebrate Thanksgiving together?

Isn’t it time to teach the truth? Like our lives depend on it? Come on. Let’s push for the right thing: teaching our children what we did right and what we did wrong. What do we have to lose? And how else do we learn?