Sharing Some of the Magic


I’m at Ragdale artist/writer retreat in Lake Forest, IL. Lady luck placed me on the wait list should there be a last-minute drop-out. I was explaining the wait list to someone a week earlier, saying it was a “good thing” I hadn’t heard from them for this upcoming 18-day span because my oldest daughter just gave birth to a son.

A new grandchild offers an ideal excuse to invade your child’s every adult-day world, especially in the winter of the polar vortex. I serve a purpose after all: bundle up and walk my beautiful granddaughter to kindergarten, help my daughter around the house and care for a perfect and handsome new addition to the family so she can steal an hour sleep here and there. Just to have reason to be with my first baby and soak in her life is a joy beyond words. Those years where I was mom and she was the one needing my help to get to school defy relative speed a thousand-fold.

A Retreat with a View: Ragdale

Within days of that discussion I received the email I’ve dreamt about, then dreaded. Eighteen days starting Monday. My daughter and her family are getting along with remarkable ease, both heartbreaking and reassuring. They don’t need me. Of course not, but my son-in-law convinces me they miss my help and are happy I’m doing something for myself. And to top it off, they sent a rainbow of flowers delivered by that little kindergartener who just yesterday was her mother, my brilliant 6-yr-old.

So what about the the magic? Ragdale is the solitude of a setting meant to stir words, time to read what inspires, and today tripping over a very short video compendium defining the secret of happiness by the best of the TED-sters. And now the chance to share it with all of you in your crazy-busy lives. Less than 2-minutes, go for it:

4 thoughts on “Sharing Some of the Magic

  1. Anonymous

    Such, peace and joy, with just a hint of self-doubt. Let go of that part of you. You are wonderful and needed. Also remember, no mother gets “it all right.” We all just do the best we can…and guess what? It is more than good enough!


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