The last Sunday Sunset at Ragdale

Sunday Sunset at Ragdale.

As this three-week artist- and writer-in residence program at the Ragdale Retreat settles into the final stretch, I at last captured a sunset.

It happened on cue, just as I completed re-editing the first essay I wrote on arrival. And, just as I used up the last of the woodpile for the fireplace in this beautiful room.

Sunsets, fireplaces, scenes just like this are now on the list of my favorite things. If one can’t draw inspiration here, I’m not sure where it might be.

I’m honored to be part of this community, and that it’s the last week is bittersweet. I have new friends, and we share the common awe and appreciation of art. Words, music, images―they offer beauty to a world that’s often hard and unpredictable. That’s magic.

Next Sunday’s sunset will look different, but I hope it occurs surrounded by family. Distance and time to reflect are reminders of how precious family is. Each one miraculous in his and her unique way.

What I know now: we all can create magic and miracles. What gifts. But like the sunset and the fire, these moments are fleeting. Take time to revel in them.