On loneliness and being alone


There’s a difference between the two.


Being alone allows one to feel whole, even in a crowd. You’re comfortable in yourself and the others around you. Perhaps you’re just feeling reserved or quiet or you’re a solitary sole.

Loneliness turns that crowd onto you and says, “Something’s wrong with you. You’re undeserving.”

It doesn’t matter what you don’t deserve because you’re a nobody. You don’t count. People talk over you, or they dismiss anything you say.

Passover and Easter and the promise of Spring are reminders that anyone with a heart should not allow another to feel lonely. We are all just jettisoning through our little worlds in maybe 80 or 90 years if we’re really, really lucky. That’s a nano-second in the billions of years behind and ahead of us.

People who just watch others feel sad must have very sorry stories hidden deep down under. But they should stop the cycle. No one should knowingly let someone else be lonely. It’s the most purposeful abuse of a heart that I can think of.

We’re all just passing through. If we don’t use anything else, let’s wear out out hearts making others feel loved and wanted and deserving. When all is said and done, what else could possibly mean more?