Maya Angelou, Brainpickings and Inspiration


Trying to ignore one’s blog as it waits patiently for your attention is no easy feat. A political blog is so much easier with fodder to feed it daily no further than 24-hour news stations. Reading so many other great blogs drains the time as does using the “my house is for sale” excuse that reveals endless tasks to ensure it shows better.

Then comes Sunday. The weekly newsletter from Brainpickings is always overflowing with inspiration from the best of the best. Check out the link below, offering abundant inspiration, including Maya Angelou’s letter to her younger self.

I will never be able to contribute more than $3 a week to keep Brainpickings alive if I don’t start writing more. In March I attended an 18-day writers retreat at Ragdale, where the words come easily. The real world isn’t as accommodating, but that’s no excuse. So I commit to at least a weekly update to this blog. Its care and feeding I expect to fuel my essay writing.

Time will tell. That is, if I allow the time.