Technological Challenges


Last week I changed my writing blog, Jan’s WriteOn, to Jan Stone Writes On. I also decided to move it off Google’s Blogger to WordPress, where a colleague and I happily and without ANY challenges manage our political blog, Elect2Care.

Imagine my surprise over the last several days when I haven’t been able to see my new blog—even though I’m doing the same thing we’ve done with Elect2Care. Both blogs are in fact linked, but it makes no difference. Jan Stone Writes On doesn’t pop up when I put it into my browser bar. Instead it says the server is down. But when I put Elect2Care into my server bar, that blog pops right up.

I’ve spoken for hours with tech guys, and they can’t find the problem. They told me to try going to another site to see if Jan Stone Write’s On appears. Thankfully, there’s a Starbucks three doors down. And, what with the Fall weather this July, it’s delightful to sit outside, sip on a Frap, and roll my eyes at the thought of this being the solution.

I tried yesterday. No go. I tried again today and It. Showed. Up. Now how does that make sense? It’s a hypothetical, but it’s also an example of the challenges technology adds to the writing process. Or at least how technology is another challenge for me and my writing process.

I’m curious. Do any other writers who understand the importance of a blogging presence find it an additional challenge? I want to come to the site and write, without technology being an additional hurdle to the writing process.

Has anyone else had similar problems? If so, what sedative do you find most useful 🙂