Most of the U.S. Doesn’t Get it Anyway


We’re in the middle of an election year. Big Deal. Nearly everyone demands the right to have their semi-automatic dug out of their rigor mortis hand after a fight they’ll have denied until death has to do with the color of each other’s skin despite the hypocrisy of such an ugly color it doesn’t even have a name.

Others are flipping out about the one Ebola death in the United States, totally ignoring the fact that we’ll all long be gone way before Ebola because we refuse to believe in climate change. Yeah, dumping tons of oil into deep water wells has nothing to do with climate change, animals becoming extinct, disease among them running amok, yada, yada. Way too hard to understand so blame Ebola and an African-American president.

Who cares anyway? One percent have the jobs 50% once had— which OF COURSE is because of the color of someone’s skin because that’s oh-so easy to blame, and why bother doing any research when most of the country will believe anything FIX news will say despite it’s proven over and over and over again they don’t check facts. But who cares? We. Have. An. African. American. President. And the world as we know it will change.

It’ll change because those who are afraid people of color may have IQs higher than their own can make the right changes is only part of the problem. Just wait until―hang on to something if you’re not sitting down―a person with a uterus runs for president because a woman cannot be smarter than, say, a Bush, or that trickle-down Reagan, and let’s not forget the genius of Johnson and Watergate. I mean, what did Mother Teresa know, or Queen Elizabeth, Marie Curie, Eleanor Roosevelt, Indira Gandhi, St. Teresa of Avila, Margaret Thatcher, Anne Frank, to name a few.

I’ll tell you what they knew. In their own ways and by their own means they led with love and they changed they world. They made it a better place and I bet if any guy’s reading this, they don’t even know who half these ladies are.

I’ve said it before, and I won’t quit. We’re just passing through. If we don’t start using more of our brains and compassion and less of our bully and brawn there’ll be little worth living for anyway. Get over yourselves and start caring about being the best possible version of yourself. Start teaching your children and grandchildren what that means. Because even of a glimpse of it otherwise is beneath us, and it’s an insult to those who had the courage to make this work even a tiny bit better.

Get going. Time’s running out. Don’t you have any pride?