It’s Worth Repeating & Remembering


Yes, I saw it on a rerun of The Newsroom, but it’s worth repeating. When we knock someone else down—when we judge someone else—we don’t get any taller.

The 2016 campaign is heating up, and it also seems like people are getting more surly in general. I don’t know if that’s connected to what seems like a rise in people not being very nice.

But we all are imperfect. Let’s not forget that because it’s no excuse for saying things that aren’t very nice and then trying to justify the hurtful words. You can tell they are hurtful if the person you’re telling them to becomes sad. If you care, apologize.

If you don’t care, well, start buying shorter pants.

It’s a good line. Leave it to Aaron Sorkin. When we judge someone else, we don’t get any taller.

2 thoughts on “It’s Worth Repeating & Remembering

  1. He is so head-on w/his one-liners, isn’t he? I just loved it when I heard it last night as I still lie in bed recuperating from whatever disease you gave me that will not go away until — let’s bet: tonite at 6:30 when I walk into the doctor’s office. One bet I want to lose! Hope you’re feeling better!


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