Not Scary Enough?????


Enough already!


Now we have to be careful kids aren’t in earshot of the national news because of our president’s crude language. Not to mention his racism, bigotry and misogyny. Or Russia…..

Really, none of this is normal! It’s time to do everything in our power to get the current president out of office. Most of the evolved population wouldn’t let our kids, spouses, friends and colleagues throw the obscene shade Trump does. His latest bul**it’s so incredulous that it’s trumped the nuclear war he’s inciting with North Korea. And that’s only two of the HUGE problems his preposterous presidency has created. Trump taxes, rescinding DACA….


Here’s one link: –Impeach Trump. 

Google or look on Twitter for others because we’re all getting way too numb to the corruption occurring in our White House. Offshore drilling, anyone? Who needs the EPA?


Finally, to Fox News consumers, you might be…

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