Republican’s Do-Nothing Humane Platform



Republicans latest show of spinelessness is in not loudly denouncing Trump for his recent lies about Democrats being responsible for the current immigration crisis. Who knew a political party could take do-nothing to such new lows?

Remember when then-President Obama tried to fill a Supreme Court vacancy? The GOP was proud as peacocks blatantly disregarding the rule of law.

The party of Trump lacks a moral compass. The results are a demonstrable disregard for the basic tenets of our democracy not to mention humanity. Hypocrisy and racism as party planks?

“There really is something unique about the position Republican senators are taking with respect to the Scalia vacancy,” said Professor Mazzone, who teaches at the University of Illinois. We really did not find any precedent … that a sitting president could be denied outright the authority to offer up a nominee who would receive evaluation through normal Senate processes.”


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