Actions=Consequences. Help create list supporting GOP-Friendly Business


If you don’t want to support racism, help here.


It’s always about the money. Anti-immigration, healthcare rollbacks, white supremacy, support for Russia, North Korea and Chinese alliances are only a handful of the atrocities occurring daily. They happen not only because the current president and republicans refuse to stand up to a platform built on lies, hate and bigotry, but because they’re profiting from it.

Boycotting businesses and other organizations friendly to an entire political party unwilling to stop the insanity is a powerful tool. Here’s an example The Nation recently posted in “The Social Shaming of Racists is Working”

“The assertion of private authority over public space now comes with a social cost. That is what happened to Aaron Schlossberg, the Manhattan lawyer who threatened to call ICE on the Spanish-speaking food workers and customers in New York. His law practice soon plummeted in customer ratings; he was hounded by reporters seeking comment; and his corporate landlord terminated…

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