‘Starve the beast.” Boycott Fox Advertisers



Since Ivanka Trump announced the closing of her product line, I’ve been looking for more ways to boycott Trump-cult products and services. I came across a brilliant site:

In its words: “Inspired by you our readers, the activism of David Hogg, Richard Reich, and many others:

“What are we to do, other than vote November 6 to constrain Trump? First, boycott Fox News’s major sponsors, listed here.

Vote with your wallet and starve the beast.

Get others to join you.” – July 12, 2018,

Robert Reich, Fmr US Secretary of Labor, Prof UC Berkeley, and Co-founder of Inequity Media, writing in Newsweek, Opinion: Donald Trump Is A Liar. Don’t Let Him Get Away With It

Again, here are the go-to sites:  https://www.foxnewsadvertisers.com and @Consumer FX.

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