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Who is a Trump supporter?


Who besides the 1% are such elitists? SERIOUSLY? Setting aside the morally bereft acceptance of Trump separating refugee babies from moms (A. Very. Generous. Concession), now Trump supporters agree those with US visas and green cards who have ever relied on government support — from the Affordable Care Act and Medicare to food stamps and disability — must have their visas/green cards revoked?!

Demographics say primarily white men without college degrees still stand proudly behind Trump and this policy. REALLY? None of you have ever collected unemployment? Filed for bankruptcy? Requested medical disability because of illness or accident?

Check out these facts culled from a series of surveys conducted by one of the U.S.’s most respected public opinion research centers, PEW, which leave us with a clear picture of the Trump demographic.

They are primarily white, older men with low levels of education and income. They believe that immigrants and…

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