Get Roman & Restore


Boys – your wimp is showing. That you’re embarrassed about telling your doctor about erectile dysfunction AND being bald not only messes up your life, but any surgical procedure to fix it scares you are oh-so-telling notions about your manhood.

I don’t know whether to laugh out loud or cry when I see these ads constantly being run on cable and commercial TV.

Maybe get some, guys.

I’m trying to think of the female comparables:  The Surrogate Solution!

Why go through nine months of exhaustion, vomiting, cramping, constipation, moodiness? Let a surrogate go through it. Why suffer? Men don’t.


Is your hair thinning? OMG! Wigs, extensions, shampoos promising regrowth are some options, but should you go the temporary route since losing your hair makes life nearly unbearable? And surgery? I hear the pain is just…beyond.

Suffer no more. Change your life forever. Make everything better by trying Regrow. Life worth living again because a full head of hair helps makes life meaningful.

Yeah, guys. It’s time to man up or move over, especially if these are problems worth spending thousands of advertising dollars to correct. Get a grip.

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