Vote with Your Wallet: Buycott for Social Justice



Trump’s conduct has gotten so extreme that even mainstream and venerable news outlets have started comparing his conduct to fascism. Many of Trump’s major business already cut ties with him. NBC and Macy’s as well as many other companies that do business with Trump ended their relationship over the summer. It’s a good start. But there’s more work to do.
This campaign is targeting remaining Trump business associations so you can boycott Trump @ Boycott Trump Products
And there’s more to do if you’re so inclined.

What is Buycott?

Buycott is the easy, empowering way to vote with your wallet. Join campaigns to support causes that you care about, then use Buycott when you shop to discover how a manufacturer matches up against your principles. Browse Buycott for Social Justice

Will this work in my country?

Buycott has millions of users from 192 countries, and is available everywhere. However, since…

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Actions=Consequences. Help create list supporting GOP-Friendly Business


If you don’t want to support racism, help here.


It’s always about the money. Anti-immigration, healthcare rollbacks, white supremacy, support for Russia, North Korea and Chinese alliances are only a handful of the atrocities occurring daily. They happen not only because the current president and republicans refuse to stand up to a platform built on lies, hate and bigotry, but because they’re profiting from it.

Boycotting businesses and other organizations friendly to an entire political party unwilling to stop the insanity is a powerful tool. Here’s an example The Nation recently posted in “The Social Shaming of Racists is Working”

“The assertion of private authority over public space now comes with a social cost. That is what happened to Aaron Schlossberg, the Manhattan lawyer who threatened to call ICE on the Spanish-speaking food workers and customers in New York. His law practice soon plummeted in customer ratings; he was hounded by reporters seeking comment; and his corporate landlord terminated…

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Republican’s Do-Nothing Humane Platform



Republicans latest show of spinelessness is in not loudly denouncing Trump for his recent lies about Democrats being responsible for the current immigration crisis. Who knew a political party could take do-nothing to such new lows?

Remember when then-President Obama tried to fill a Supreme Court vacancy? The GOP was proud as peacocks blatantly disregarding the rule of law.

The party of Trump lacks a moral compass. The results are a demonstrable disregard for the basic tenets of our democracy not to mention humanity. Hypocrisy and racism as party planks?

“There really is something unique about the position Republican senators are taking with respect to the Scalia vacancy,” said Professor Mazzone, who teaches at the University of Illinois. We really did not find any precedent … that a sitting president could be denied outright the authority to offer up a nominee who would receive evaluation through normal Senate processes.”


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NRA-National Raging Asses (Psssst. This isn’t normal.)


So much to be outraged about. So little time.


These aren’t even the words I wanted to use, but I hope it gets your attention. See the great NPR link below. In the meantime, here’s the brilliant, wealthy NRA CEO/Lobbyist Wayne LaPierre’s recent comment:

“What they want are more restrictions on the law-abiding — think about that,” LaPierre said. “Their solution is to make you, all of you, less free. They want to sweep right under the carpet the failure of school security, the failure of the family, the failure of America’s school systems and even the unbelievable failure of the FBI.”

Law-abiding? Haven’t we shown the last mass murders at schools and religious institutions aren’t done by law-abiding citizens?

sebastian-leon-prado-443131-unsplash Image by Sebastian Leon Prado

Our genius president wants to arm teachers who are comfortable with weapons and even give them a bonus. And now he just said, “I really think the NRA wants to do what is right.”

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If I Ruled the World for a Nano-Second


I would change one model: the idea that you can’t know great love and happiness without dislike and sadness. I understand its necessity in our universe, but maybe it was a mistake. Everyone makes them. Even the Higher Beings that so many people believe created the universe, right? Or do most people really believe that their God, Mohammad, Supreme Being of whatever ilk, is perfect?

Wait. That’s it! That’s the leap of faith, the big difference. Religious people believe their deity is perfect. There isn’t a single decision made while creating the whole of the universe that they may not have thought out completely.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m an agnostic who lives to be proven wrong. I yearn to have the confidence of faith. And I highly respect those who do. (Most of them.) Still, to appreciate each other more and more because we understand loss seems cruel. Explain the benefit of war? Rhetorical.natalya-340213

We all have imperfections. Why does it have to be that so many judge others by them rather than the good and great things people put out into the universe?

Yes, I sound naive,  But I’m not. I know without question that with good comes bad. But wouldn’t it be nice if “bad” didn’t stick around. We just learned from it, and we all left it behind?

Our country is at paralyzing odds that are often discussed and enabled under the umbrella of Christianity. It is unquestionably taking a terrible toll. Truly, both political parties have to agree with that, don’t they?

Evolution and revolution have changed things up. Businesses that succeed are nimble enough to change models. After all, we live life fundamentally different than we did a decade ago.

Couldn’t we just agree on a new perspective about this one love-hate dichotomy to enhance everyones’ lives?

The High Road is Wide Open


And the low road is bumper to bumper. Trump opens his mouth, lies come out. Representatives of his Republican Party—those of less government spending and lower taxes—and voters Trump wouldn’t give the time of day to, still support him. From obstruction and racism to sexual harassment and Stormy payouts—what else is it going to take?

That insane tax bill isn’t swampy enough? The unread fictional Nunes memo flop? Bi-monthly government shutdowns?


But the coffee boy and maybe Paul Manafort are telling the truth to the special counsel, along with Trump’s old pal General Flynn, perhaps pulling off a resurrection General Kelly could only pray for at this point.

Please make sure you and everyone you know vote in March, preferably Democrat (assuming there are any more Republican’s running).

I mean, what else is it going to take?