Once you get started…


it’s so much easier to be nice and not nasty. Sadly, that works both ways. Once you get started on the nasty route, it’s often too easy to stay on that and not quickly get your foot on the brake and turn yourself around.

We live in a scary, contentious world. Long before we put our condo up for sale, I wrote in marker over the closet (the first place you see when your eyes spring open) “Wake up with joy, then take it with you wherever you go.”

My granddaughter was mortified. Her very own grandmother wrote on the wall with a marker?!?! I finally completely understand the concept, “being beside one’s self.”

After convincing her it was erasable and that she should never think about doing it herself because I was the only one on the planet that owned that particular kind of marker, she slowly got back to the point of the message—but I must add this was traumatizing. It took quite awhile for her to get her head around what Grandma did before she could think about what Grandma was trying to point out.

We laugh about it now. After all, she was only a young, unknowing 6-year old then. She’s all of 7 now, she gets it, and we talk about it often because she likes to sleep w/me when she stays over. The house didn’t sell, but we had to paint the room so the message no longer exists―physically. It remains as real and concrete as I imagine an algorithm is in a techies head.

Wouldn’t it be great if some similar thought could be implanted in everyone’s thoughts when they are most vulnerable and remain as tangible? We could shake them up enough so they wouldn’t forget and keep tcait+grammahe message alive so they wouldn’t forget.

Think about it. They’d get started on the right foot. Default is “kind.” Whenever that doesn’t power up, we know to call in a technician to fix the problem immediately because we know beyond any question something’s amiss. We’re able to catch it and bring someone in to fix it right away, and we’re right back to waking up with joy.

A little naÏve? No, a LOT naÏve, but worth thinking about every now and then.